Welcome to the Resource Library!

Welcome to the Resource Library!

7 Steps to Set Your Kids Up For Financial Success

Everything you need to leave a confident legacy!

Essential Tips For First- Time Homebuyers

Tips and Considerations for First-Time Homebuyers

How to Hire an Investment Professional

Comprehensive Guide to Hiring an Investment Professional.


Vision Board

Engage in connecting with each other and your dreams!

5 Massive Money Mistakes to Avoid in Business

Learn how to avoid these top mistakes in your business!


Legacy Binder

Put everything you need in one place for your family! Planning is essential!

Summer Savings


Save BIG this Summer with these fun tips!

Better Budget Bootcamp

A course designed for those who have NO IDEA where to start with budgeting!

It wasn’t until I began teaching painting classes online and then coaching women in their businesses that everything changed for my family. 

Suddenly I could reach more people and make more sales, without increasing my hours. After years in the painting business, it was WILD the success I had when I added coaching...like nothing I had seen or even imagined was possible!

I was able to bring my husband home from his day job, and we finally had the time and financial freedom we'd been looking for.

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